Helpful Legal Tips from Glenn A. Deig, Attorney

  1. Obtain free credit reports regularly; online or call toll free #: ( or Equifax‑1–888-548- 7878, or Experian‑1–888-397‑3742, and or Transunion‑1–800-888- 4213); you can also request a “freeze” to prevent any fraudulent charges or sign up for free credit report monitoring services.
  2. You should also check your bank statements, credit card statements, and other financial documents for any errors or unauthorized transactions.
  3. Use strong & updated passwords for online accounts. Update your passwords regularly on your smart phone and/or other electronic devices. Keep a physical password book for trusted loved ones.
  4. Be careful with releasing Social Security #, date of birth, and cell phone # to third parties since this information is used for fraud.
  5. Look for unclaimed property under the Indiana unclaimed property website at:  This website provides an easy claim process to obtain the unclaimed property. Other States have similar websites.
  6. There is a simple free service for most Indiana residents, and other participating Counties in other States to be alerted to act quickly if a fraudulent document is recorded against your real property:
  7. If you want to control who can call you or your loved one’s phone number, you have a few options. You can: 
    1. Download a call-blocking app on your cell phone.
    2. Check the built-in features of your phone. Many cell phones have settings that let you block calls from specific numbers or from unknown callers.
    3. Use a call-blocking device or service for your home phone. If you have a home phone that makes calls over the internet (VoIP), you can use a device that connects to your phone and filters out unwanted calls. Some VoIP providers also offer call-blocking services that you can activate online or by dialing a code. If you have a traditional landline, you can use a call blocking device that plugs into your phone jack and blocks calls using a blacklist or whitelist. You can also ask your phone company if they offer any call-blocking options.
  8. Register for the National Do Not Call Registry. You can register your home or cell phone number online at: or by calling 1–888-382‑1222 from the phone you want to register.
  9. Notify trusted loved ones where legal documents are kept. Healthcare forms especially should be readily available if a medical emergency arises.