Local Emergency Number:  9–1‑1

Establish a Miller Trust checking account — A special kind of checking account, called a Qualified Income Trust (or Miller Trust), is required for Medicaid applicants/recipients whose gross income exceeds the Special Income Level (SIL).  The SIL increases every year on January 1. Rankings of Local Skilled Care Nursing Facilities

Social Security Administration — (800) 772‑1213

Medicare — (800) 452‑4800

Apply for Medicaid Online or call (800) 403‑0864

Legal Aid Society of Evansville, Inc. — (812) 435‑5173

Indiana Legal Services — (800) 852‑3477 or (812) 426‑1295

Adult Protective Services — (812) 435‑5190

Child Protective Services — (800) 800‑5556

Ombudsman — Indiana Contact Information:

Office of the Long Term Care Ombudsman
402 West Washington Street, Room W451
Post Office Box 7083, MS 27
Indianapolis, Indiana 46207–7083

Information/complaint line: 800–622-4484 or 317–232-7134

Fax number: 317–972-3285

Ombudsman — V.O.I.C.E.S. (Serving Vanderburgh County):

Ombudsman — Area 16 (Serving Gibson, Perry, Posey, Spencer, & Warrick Counties):

Ombudsman — Area 15 (Serving Crawford, Lawrence, Orange, & Washington Counties):

  • Kirsten Bouthier, LTC Ombudsman — — (812) 314‑2727 — serving Lawrence County.
  • Mary Cleavinger, LTC Ombudsman — — (812) 913‑7361 ext. 11223 — serving Crawford, Orange, and Washington Counties.

Ombudsman — Generations —  Area 13 (Serving Daviess, Dubois, Knox, Greene, Martin, & Pike Counties):

Suicide Crisis Line — (812) 422‑1100

National Elder Law Foundation

U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs

Alzheimer’s Association Support Groups — Greater Kentucky / Southern Indiana Chapter — A support group provides a safe, supportive environment to allow family members, friends, caregivers, and other interested individuals to meet regularly for mutual support and to exchange coping skills with one another in matters relating to Alzheimer’s disease. All support groups are free and open to the public and of no religious affiliation unless otherwise designated.  Registration required for all support groups. Please register by visiting the link above and clicking on the “Register” link or by calling (800) 272‑3900.

Posey County EMS — Community Paramedicine Program — Posey County EMS now offers a new service to the area called Community Paramedicine through its PRO-ACT (Proactive Response, Observation and Assessment, for Community Thriving) Program. Community Paramedicine is a proven, state-wide initiative to provide preventative services and reduce hospital readmissions through in-home assessments and coordination with healthcare providers, all focused on helping you remain as independent as possible from the emergency system as well as helping you access and utilize available community resources.

Contact Amy Woodley for more information:  (812) 781‑0330 /

Scott Township Fire & EMS — Community Paramedicine Program — Scott Township Fire & EMS is providing a proactive approach to healthcare called Community Paramedicine through its Community Ailment/Accident Reduction, Education & Support (CARES) Program. The CARES Program is part of a proven, state-wide Mobile Integrated Health (MIH) initiative to provide preventative services by certified Community Paramedics with the aim of reducing hospital readmissions by providing in-home assessments, care and coordination with other healthcare providers and area resources.

Contact Ryan Bosecker for more information:  (812) 435‑6355 /

Indiana Home & Community Based Pathways Waiver (formerly known as the Aged & Disabled Waiver)

This program allows Indiana Medicaid programs to pay for services that are provided in a person’s home or other community setting, rather than a Medicaid-funded facility or institution. Persons must qualify for institutional care in order to be eligible for home- and community-based services. Waiver refers to the waiving of certain federal requirements that otherwise apply to Medicaid program services. Southern Indiana has two entities managing the waiver process, based on location: SWIRCA & GENERATIONS.

Area Agencies on Aging — Indiana’s Area Agencies on Aging provide case management, information and referrals to various services for persons who are aging or developmentally disabled. To apply for services, or to report suspected Medicare fraud or abuse, contact the AAA nearest you (see directions to nearest office or AAA map) or call toll-free 800–713-9023.

SWIRCA — Southwestern Indiana Regional Council on Aging (Serving Gibson, Perry, Posey, Spencer, Vanderburgh, & Warrick Counties) — (812) 464‑7817

To request an evaluation from a care manager at SWIRCA & MORE for the Pathways Waiver — Call (812) 464‑7817 and ask for a care manager who can schedule a free evaluation to find out if you, or a loved one, qualify for the Pathways Waiver program.  An online referral form may be completed hereSWIRCA & MORE covers the following counties:  Gibson, Perry, Posey, Spencer, Vanderburgh, and Warrick.

Generations — Area 13 Agency on Aging & Disability (Serving Daviess, Dubois, Knox, Greene, Martin, & Pike Counties) — (812) 888‑5880

To request an evaluation from a care manager at GENERATIONS VINCENNES UNIVERSITY STATEWIDE SERVICES for the Pathways Waiver — Call (812) 888‑5880 and ask for a care manager who can schedule a free evaluation to find out if you, or a loved one, qualify for the Pathways Waiver program.  GENERATIONS VINCENNES UNIVERSITY STATEWIDE SERVICES covers the following counties:  Daviess, Dubois, Knox, Greene, Martin, and Pike.

Program for All-Inclusive Care to the Elderly — PACE

The Program of All-Inclusive Care to the Elderly (PACE) was implemented by the state of Indiana to provide quality community-based care for Indiana Health Coverage Programs (IHCP) members who:

Are 55 years old or older
Are certified by the state to qualify for nursing home level of care
Are able to live safely in the community at the time of enrollment
Live in a PACE service area

PACE benefits include:

Primary care (doctor and nursing services)
Hospital care
Medical specialty services
Prescription drugs
Nursing home care
Emergency services
Home care
Physical, occupational and recreational therapy
Adult day services
Nutritional counseling
Social services
Laboratory/X‑ray services
Social work counseling
Managed Care Delivery System

The PACE program is operated within the managed care delivery system, and PACE organizations are considered managed care entities (MCEs). In this delivery system, contracted MCEs are paid a capitated monthly premium for each IHCP member enrolled with the MCEs. The capitated premium covers the cost of the services allowable under the program as provided to IHCP members enrolled with the MCE. The MCE assumes financial risk for services rendered to its members.

PACE participants are required to sign an enrollment agreement indicating they understand the PACE organization must be their sole service provider. Services must be preapproved and obtained from specified doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and other healthcare providers that contract with the PACE organization. Before rendering services, IHCP providers should always verify member eligibility as described in the Member Eligibility and Benefit Coverage provider reference module. The eligibility verification system (IHCP Provider Healthcare Portal, Interactive Voice Response system and 270/271 electronic transaction) will indicate if the member has current coverage under the PACE program. Providers can also check the member’s Medicare and Medicaid (IHCP) cards for a sticker indicating that the member is a PACE participant. The IHCP will deny payment of fee-for-service claims submitted by non-PACE providers for PACE members.

BoldAge PACE — Serving Gibson, Posey, Vanderburgh, and Warrick Counties — (812) 990‑5800

BoldAge PACE is an innovative alternative for older adults who need a nursing-home level of healthcare but who want the independence to age at home and stay connected to their communities. Each participant gets a personalized care plan, developed by our integrated team of experts, that truly supports their overall health and well-being. Call (812) 990‑5800 to start the process.

Other Indiana PACE Programs

Carver Community Organization Senior Programs - Carver empowers seniors 50 and older to stay active, independent, and connected to the community through fulfilling intergenerational programs, activities, and its senior volunteer programs. The center is open Monday — Friday 8:00am — 5:00pm and is located at 400 SE 8th St., Evansville, Indiana, 47713. (812) 423‑2612