Preparing for the Future

The Law Office of Glenn A. Deig knows the tools to use to set you up during and after your lifetime based on your needs. Given the variety in clients’ financial needs, The Law Office of Glenn A. Deig utilizes a wide range of methods to care for your financial goals.

Elder Law Planning for Wealth Management

Wills, Trusts, and Power of Attorneys are invaluable estate planning instruments that are commonly used.

 Wills are of the most basic legal documents, which sets out your desires of who should receive property after death. Glenn can help you set up your will soundly according to your wishes.

Trusts are another important element of estate planning that allows a third party to hold assets for a beneficiary or beneficiaries. There are many different variants of trusts according to the situation. With a great amount of situational awareness and legal knowledge, Glenn A. Deig can successfully set up the trust that is beneficial to your planning goals.

A financial power of attorney is another useful financial management tool in the event of you being disabled by illness, injury, or advanced mental deterioration as it can provide the appointed person guidance and authority for the person to handle your financial affairs.

The Law Office of Glenn A. Deig has the knowledge and support in order to legally implement these financial management tools in a timely manner. We can protect your assets according to your wishes. Schedule a consultation today to receive high quality legal assistance.

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