12/24/2017 — Susan says:

I cannot speak highly enough about the legal services received from Glenn Deig and his associates. They are experts in the area of elder law and assisted me through the very complicated Medicaid waiver/application process for my stepmother. They were there for me every step of the way and promptly and patiently responded to my many questions in a most efficient manner.  Selecting and using Glenn Deig’s law firm was money well spent and I am greatly appreciative of their assistance. I highly recommend their services. You will be in great hands!”

11/22/2017 — Judy says:

They were quite courteous & understanding. Knew what I needed & also made suggestions about things I never thought of that were important. I give them 5 STARS !”

11/22/2017 — Debbie says:

Very easy to work with, casual, not the usual stuffy law office where you just know they are overcharging you!”

9/14/2017 — Karin says:

We experienced superior personal service, immediate and detailed explanations to questions, and during the whole process, always knew they were diligently working for our benefit. This is one top-notch firm with people whom we now consider family.”

8/22/2015 — Tom says:

Mr. Deig helped us through several elder legal questions.  He was very patient in explaining how to deal with estate planning and Medicaid situations. He put a plan in place, then helped execute that plan. He and his staff have continued to aid us for over a year.”

1/5/2015 — Carolyn says:

On December 4, 2014, I consulted with Mr. Deig, regarding establishing a Miller Trust as needed by law to complete my medicaid waiver/medicaid application. Mr. Deig, and his paralegal Katherine Beyers, are quite knowledgeable in the law regarding a Miller Trust. They took me through the process step-by-step, and made it very easy for me. The compassion Mr. Deig, and his staff showed me will not be forgotten and I would recommend him to anyone needing services in his law specialty.”

7/5/2011 — Jeff says:

I have found Mr. Deig to be especially well versed with Living Trusts and other estate planning advice. He is easy to talk to and easy to understand. I would highly recommend him for any work needed.”

6/20/2011 — Mary says:

E-mails and questions have always been answered in a prompt manner which was much appreciated. We never felt that anything that was needed was a burden or problem for them to do for us.”

6/20/2011 — Ruth says:

Upon my initial visit to Mr. Glenn Deig’s Law Office, he, as well as his staff, made me feel comfortable and it was a very good visit–not intimidating at all. Mr. Deig answered every question I asked him very thoroughly. Since that initial visit to Mr. Deig’s office, I have had occasion to make make several subsequent appointments with Mr. Deig on various legal follow-up matters as well as additional legal matters that we needed addressed legally. We have found an absolutely brilliant attorney in Mr. Glenn Deig who is of the highest integrity, professionalism, courtesy, and responsiveness to our needs. We have done business with Mr. Deig as our Attorney for several years now, and with each encounter he is very impressive and comfortable. Mr. Deig always brings our legal affairs / business at hand to fruition for us to our complete satisfaction. Mr. Deig never takes our business for granted. He treats us with respect and warmth and works very hard to always meet our needs. Mr. Deig always exceeds our expectations–time after time. He’s always kind and patient too I might add, and makes us feel very comfortable. Mr. Deig has always answered any question we bring to the table no matter how unsure we are about how to state it–he always understands and is there to help us and ensure we are protected.

When you are with Mr. Deig, you have his total focus and attention, and he is absolutely as nice as he is knowledgeable. I heard about Mr. Deig from a friend who had been to him and had enlisted the services of Mr. Deig and our friend told us that Mr. Deig is Certified in Elder Law and he came highly recommended from someone else. They weren’t kidding–this attorney is a jewel! I can tell you that me and my family would never consider going to any other attorney after having Mr. Glenn Deig handle our business and help us through some rough spots. Mr. Deig has now, over time, handled several things for us and I would never ever consider going to any other attorney but to him.

He’s an expert in his field and yet, he’s such a personable and kind gentleman. I would trust Mr. Deig completely with any and all of my personal matters and those of my loved ones. We feel very fortunate to have Mr. Deig in our lives and it is most comforting and reassuring as we get older, to know you have an attorney who is certified in his field, is a man of highest integrity and is totally trustworthy. We have had enough association and experiences wiith this attorney to state without hesitation that he is on top of his field, is a wealth of knowledge, puts us absolutely at ease with his expertise, and is an amazing individual and we will never go to any other lawyer but to Mr. Glenn Deig. His skill is amazing and his professional manner is reassuring.”