Indiana Medicaid Recipients and Stimulus Money

Posted by deiglaw on  April 25, 2021 
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Generally, Medicaid recipients who receive at-home, assisted living, or nursing home coverage have income limits, asset limits, and are restricted on the amount they can gift and transfer.  Benefits and coverage can be lost, delayed, or discontinued, under some circumstances.  There are exceptions such as allowable transfers and gifts between spouses, or to their disabled child.  Most Americans, including those on Medicaid for at-home services, nursing homes, or assisted living have received several rounds of stimulus 

Credit Cards and Surviving Spouse’s Rights and Obligations

Posted by deiglaw on  March 25, 2021 
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Surviving spouses (and their families) routinely come to me after their spouse has passed away. Most times they have been receiving phone calls or written demands to pay by credit card companies. The surviving spouses many times pay before they consult with me. If they have not, I guide them through the credit card companies’ rights to pursue against a surviving spouse. It is important to know if the deceased was the primary and sole 

Updates on Caregiver Homes Program-Spouses now eligible

Posted by deiglaw on  February 25, 2021 
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I have written several articles and blogs on this Statewide program.  Since many people want their loved ones at home versus at an institution during the pandemic, these programs have grown popular. Since I have written the last time on this program, it has been expanded to allow a healthy spouse to care and get compensated tax-free for approved care for another including their spouse.  It can be a relative but also can be someone 

A Dementia Diagnosis; what’s next?

Posted by deiglaw on  January 25, 2021 
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When you, or a loved one is diagnosed with dementia, including Alzheimer’s Disease, a tide of emotions will hit you. Alzheimer’s is a brain disease which causes a decline in memory, thinking, and reasoning. Everyday tasks such as handling your finances, taxes, bills, cooking, and driving can be severely impacted. Commonly, you will see confusion in time and place; difficulty in following a conversation; misplacing things; and overall poor judgment and grooming, sometimes with a 

Legal Planning During a Pandemic

Posted by deiglaw on  December 25, 2020 
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The pandemic has had an impact on nearly every aspect of our lives this year. Few have been more affected by COVID-19 than the residents of nursing homes. Many of my clients are residents of nursing homes in the area. These facilities have taken extraordinary measures to lessen the risk of exposure to their residents and staff. Changes have also been implemented at my office in order to keep the staff and clients safe. Face coverings 
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