Nursing Home

Are you worried about losing your life savings and property to pay for the nursing home or at-home care, or are you thinking that you won’t be able to afford it? That doesn’t have to be the case. Here at the Law Office of Glenn A. Deig, Glenn works tirelessly with his dedicated asset protection team to find solutions to your problems concerning the costs of nursing home or at-home care.   The team walks with the clients through the entire Medicaid eligibility process, and then assists with related issues that may arise after Medicaid is approved. You will not be alone as you deal with these complicated, stressful matters. 

Legal solutions to Pay for Nursing Home Care

There are legal ways to protect your hard-earned savings and property from having to be used to pay for nursing home or at-home care.  With years of Medicaid experience, we have developed methods that may save your property and other assets from being depleted from nursing home or at-home costs. We understand the complexities of the system, and we are here to help you through the process.

Concerned about saving your life savings?

We can help protect those with assets, singles with or without family, couples, and special needs.

We can do advanced planning, which is many years in advance to help you structure assets and savings in order to achieve Medicaid eligibility. We can also help our clients with crisis planning, in which there was little to none planning done. 

We cover a variety of cases; it is very likely that your situation is one that we can solve.

Nursing Home Alternatives

We understand that going into the nursing home isn’t the perfect fit for every situation. The At Home (Aged & Disabled Waiver)  allows clients to care for their loved ones in an at-home setting or in assisted living. The program allows for the one receiving care to remain eligible for Medicaid funds to help pay for the cost of at-home care or assisted living. We can help qualify the one needing care for such a situation.

Why should I get help to qualify for Medicaid?

At the Law Office of  Glenn A. Deig, we have a whole team that works alongside Glenn tirelessly to get you qualified for Medicaid assistance. The team has years of experience and has worked successfully with Medicaid case managers,  social workers, financial advisors, bankers, accountants, and nursing home employees. Given their deep knowledge of the Medicaid process, they can give you the peace of mind that Medicaid funding will provide for nursing home costs.

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