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Certified Elder Law Attorney by the National Elder Foundation
Board Certified Indiana Trust & Estate Lawyer certified by TESB


Protection of assets, providing for your personal healthcare and lifestyle, and arranging for end of life issues and the distribution of your assets to your heirs can be baffling and sometimes overwhelming concerns in your retirement years. The team at Glenn A. Deig, Attorney at Law, are competent, trustworthy, and knowledgeable professionals ready to help you navigate those complicated processes to ensure your personal needs and preferences are met during your retirement years.

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Glenn A. Deig, Attorney At Law is a prominent name within the Southern Indiana Elder Law community due to over 30 years of providing excellent legal counsel to his clients. Glenn A. Deig Law Office combines expertise with care as we handle our clients’ cases. Throughout Glenn’s career, he has utilized a highly trained support staff with his own skills and knowledge to give his clients peace of mind.

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Estate Planning - Certified Elder Law Attorney Certified Elder Law Attorney by The National Elder Law FoundationBoard Certified Indiana Trust & Estate Lawyer certified by TESB

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