Client Attention Above and Beyond Elder Care Legal Services

When our clients are faced with the complicated processes of estate planning and elder law, we find they are often facing many other legal and personal issues that are difficult to handle. We have seen it all, and we are in a unique position to help you sort through and organize all those issues to create personalized care plans and be prepared to work through all aspects of your senior care.

Estate Planning Basics and Related Concerns

As you look toward the future, you may decide you need to have a will to designate who will be your heirs and how your financial assets and personal property should be distributed after your death. The professionals at the firm of Glenn A. Deig, Attorney at Law have years of expertise in crafting wills. But in addition, we may remind you that your estate would benefit by having a trust set up to handle various financial affairs during your lifetime, that you may still need to address concerns regarding medical care when you are unable to make those decisions yourself, or that you may need to make arrangements for special needs care for a disabled spouse or dependent. All of these, and more, are areas in which planning ahead will provide peace of mind and assurance of coordinated care for you and your loved ones.

Legal Services for Elderly Still Available in Crisis Mode

If you or a loved one will soon be facing the need for nursing home care or has even been already placed in a nursing home, the professionals at the Glenn A. Deig elder care law firm can help you protect assets Medicaid targets to help pay for your care. We can also help you arrange guardianship for a spouse or dependent who is unable to care for him or herself.

Being Prepared for the Future with a Response Team

When emergencies happen, preparation is key to a good outcome. Our professionals will help you establish your own response team of individuals who will be prepared to handle all aspects of your personal, healthcare, legal, and financial affairs and make sure they have all the legal documents to support their responsibilities. Having your response team in place will ensure you enjoy life’s pleasures and sleep well at night.

You can count on Glenn A. Deig, Attorney at Law, and our professional team to provide the important additional services that make a difference: