Guidance in a land of confusion

Usually when we meet with clients regarding loved ones who need help now, or soon; they do not know what to do. By the time they come to us, they have heard different things, mostly inaccurately, from different people. People incorrectly say there is nothing you can do, other than sell everything and pay for nursing home. Many get confused regarding gifting and Medicare days; or thinking it is too late; or that they have too many assets. They also do not understand what help is available to their loved one. Throw in Covid-19 and the issues that come with it, and people just do not know what to do.

The consultation usually begins with our just listening to the clients’ concerns. Once we have isolated what exactly they are needing, we start to explain what programs and options are available, and how they may be able to qualify for them. Once they begin to understand how it all works and that there are legal options and solutions, you can see on their faces a sense of calm and relief begin to take over. I think there is often a feeling of, “ok, these people are going to help us get to where we need to go!”

Since many of our clients are still at home, but needing assistance, we always explore whether or not home/waiver services would be a good option. Much of that depends on the health of the caregiver. Sometimes the caregiver spouse/family member/friend is not able to care for the person needing assistance. So, we have to gauge what is best for the client. If the client later transitions between home and nursing facility, we assist in making sure that the transition is smooth. We communicate with the business office manager and Medicaid case workers to make sure everyone is on the same page. For nursing home cases, we work closely with the business office managers and admissions staff as well.

For those clients who are in facilities, we meet with them to sign estate planning and other important documents in whatever manner is allowed by the facility. Our main job is to keep the client safe and healthy while also personally taking care of their situation. The first step if a loved one needs help now, or soon, whether at home, rehab, hospital, or even in a nursing home; is to contact us soon for a free consultation.

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