Caregivers are key to Indiana’s aging dilemma

Becoming a family caregiver can be one of the most honorable jobs a person can have.  It is no secret that an aging population has created new challenges for Indiana as Baby Boomers continue to retire. Between now and 2050 the Public Policy Institute projects the American over-65 population will double and the over-85 population will triple by 2050.

Family caregivers work with healthcare workers to care for a loved one.  Family caregivers provide the daily services needed to keep our growing senior population safe, comfortable and healthy and they provide those services in the setting most preferred by all of us – home. While some seniors have debilitating needs, which require institutional care, most aging Hoosiers simply need help with everyday activities such as transportation, grocery shopping, or personal hygiene. As such, family caregivers are a less expensive and more effective solution.

Caregiver Homes of Indiana provides for these caregivers a unique program called Structured Family Caregiving in which the individual caring for their loved one can receive a tax-free stipend to off-set the costs of caring for a loved one at home.  Not only does the caregiver receive a stipend for caring for their loved one, but they have access to a dedicated nurse and care manager on a monthly basis with in-home visits, daily communication, and access to a professional care team.  This care team provides training on conditions, diseases and resources in the community.

To be eligible for Structured Family Caregiving, the individual needing care must be at least 18 years of age, eligible for the Aged and Disabled Waiver or Community Integration Waiver and live with either a related (other than the spouse care-taker) or non-related caregiver who must also be at least 18 years of age.  The Aged and Disabled Waiver or Community Integration Waiver has income and assets limits and requires an application process.  For the legal planning, please contact Glenn A. Deig, Attorney at Law.  For more information on whether you or a loved one would qualify for Structured Family Caregiving, please contact Lindsey Boots, OTD/L at 812.228.6529.